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Ultima's coin distribution tool passively generates up to 30% coins every month. Become part of the huge ecosystem and use products like the travel, gaming & crowdfunding platform, the exchange, the debit card and much more!

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Follow the steps from the video in the tutorial to purchase your license.

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Secure your Ultima Tokens as explained in the video and freeze them to multiply. Watch your tokens multiply on their own!

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ULTIMA Travel Club

Secure up to 90% discounts on select flights, hotels, car rentals & resorts! Exclusive offer for ULTIMA members.

ULTIMA Marketplace

Buy and sell goods, products and services at bargain prices from sellers all over the world with ULTIMA!

ULTIMA Debit Card

Enjoy the advantages of a crypto debit card with your own IBAN. With it, you can easily pay with cryptocurrencies everywhere.

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What ULTIMA members say:

In the first 3 days the coin distribution tool has already been activated over 8,000 times. Be one of the first before the multiplication rate drops!

Dirk K.
Dirk K.
since March 2023
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I have purchased my first ULTIMA tokens since March and so far already generated almost +50% with farming. I'm excited to see what will happen after the listing on Binance! 📈
Diana F.
Diana F.
with us since April 2023
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The first setup was a bit more complicated, but thanks to the detailed step-by-step instructions it was done in no time and my coins are farmed diligently.
Franz A.
Franz A.
since March 2023
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Finally, a company that delivers what it promises! I'm looking forward to being part of it from the beginning and to the whole ecosystem. The farming is perfect! I save my tokens every month and freeze them again for propagation


Questions about ULTIMA

There are 12 licenses in total. The smallest farm costs 110€ and the largest costs 550.000€.

In most countries of the world, profits must be taxed. The exact amount of tax varies from country to country. Only a tax advisor can and should give you the best possible advice.

Yes, you can find the corresponding manual under the Ultima Guide page here.

The farming factor is reduced every two weeks. At the beginning of the farming process, a coin distribution of up to 30% per month was possible. Likewise, the more tokens you load into the farm, the more tokens you get each month.

Yes! You can increase the performance of your coinflow by purchasing the products again with the tokens you receive.

You can cash out your farmed tokens at the end of each month and convert them into fiat currencies.

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