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Purchase license

Freeze token

Click the button to register for free. When you are in the dashboard, you will find 12 licenses below. Choose the license that suits you best.

1. register

2. acquire license

Before you can fill the farm, you need to purchase a license. Choose USDT for this purpose. You can buy them on exchanges like Binance, Coinmama, Bitpanda and others. Transfer the USDT to the designated address as explained in the video.

Register with one of the following exchanges:

After you have activated your license, buy your Ultima tokens from Coinsbit. To do this, first transfer the USDT to Coinsbit and then follow the steps in the video.

After you have purchased the Ultima Tokens, you can freeze them in your farm by clicking on "Top Up My Farm". Transfer your Ultima Tokens to this address. Your production has now started!

3. freeze token


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