Automate sales

Decouple time

Fully automated customer processing with our application. Ready in seconds.


Developed by sales people, for sales people

Acquire & process customers efficiently

Most clients state that you give up because of ineffective communication and lack of leadership. Not because of a lack of results!

PLCUWEB solves this problem by eliminating inefficiency and confusion and ensuring automated, seamless communication with your customers & partners.

Keep your customers up to date

Eliminate another customer concern with our tools, "Where can I find XY?", "What is PLCUX/PLCUC/PLCU?"- an instant and intuitive way for your customers to share any updates & information.

Reduce unnecessary communication and increase customer satisfaction. No more manual updates or annoying communication hassles.

Everything in one place: keep it simple & fast

One login. One platform. One software. Stop spreading your communication efforts across 2-3 different applications.

Start now within 3 minutes, deposit referral links and use the system successfully. Act as an expert 24/7: it's easy. Your customers will love it.

For a short time only

Unique affiliate program

Recurring commission

Receive a recurring commission on successfully charged memberships of referred new customers.

50% for you

You are entitled to 50% per successful sale - don't worry, further referrals remain at 50% for you!

own affiliate dashboard

Get custom QR codes and a detailed dashboard for your recommendations & stats.

exclusively for all recommendations until 07.03.2023

Choose between different funnels

Always be one step ahead of the competition! An entrepreneur scales. With the help of our funnels and a simple step-by-step guide in different languages, you'll be miles ahead of everyone and decouple your time.

Your own business card

From now on, your customers can contact you personally via your own business card. Decide between different contact options in the dashboard and send the link out as well for customer & partner acquisition!

Numerous features & possibilities

Thanks to PLCUWEB, there is no limit to your sales. Decouple your time with Artificial Intelligence and Funnels


All advantages at a glance

different funnels

Our fully automated system helps you with our onboarding to process your customers faster and without tied up time.

own business card

Your own business card - the optimal tool for customers to get in touch with you. As a link & already integrated in the onboarding.

24/7 Secretary Chatbot

Tired of answering several repetitive questions? Your personal secretary will take care of it!

speak 12 languages

You speak only 1-2 languages? No problem! With our tool you can speak 12 languages and reach up to 5 billion people!

all your ref links

Profitiere von allen Empfehlungen an deine Kunden, sei es die Partner- & Kundengewinnung, oder auch alle Börsenregistrationen!

AI Assistant

With the help of our advanced AI wizard, you'll create ad copy & other help in seconds!

Legally secure

There are no extra costs or headaches for you - your only task is to get into the implementation and use our tools.

many teaching contents

Continue your education by learning more about the academies and videos on our platform. Be ahead of thousands of others with knowledge!

& the whole thing always up to date!


Automate sales

PLCUWEB is not a product of PLCU's brand & ecosystem, but a standalone distribution tool.

Monthly subscription

99 monthly
  • own business card
  • all your referral links
  • Customer & Partner Funnels
  • 24/7 chatbot secretary
  • Teaching content & articles
  • Your AI Assistant
  • 12 languages

Yearly subscription

990 annual
  • own business card
  • all your referral links
  • Customer & Partner Funnels
  • 24/7 chatbot secretary
  • Teaching content & articles
  • Your AI Assistant
  • 12 languages
  • 2 months subscription saved

Scale your business!

By using your own PLCU landing pages, you save yourself quite a few processes.